Recognizing Forged Last Will and Testament by Handwriting Experts

When it comes to estate planning, you should remember that wills and testaments are essential. Therefore, you should understand how to detect a forged will. Generally, they represent a significant issue because someone can cause severe trouble and issues to numerous people by forging a signature, for instance.

People use them to steal someone’s asset, meaning you should find a forged last will and testament before setting it in motion. We recommend you find a handwriting expert to help you throughout the process.

In the further article, we wish to talk about tricks and tips that will help you recognize a fake will, as well as penalties that may apply after noticing an issue.

Handwriting Experts’ Tips on Recognizing a Forged Will

When you receive a testament, it is vital to ensure its validity. A forged one can lead to grave consequences for all parties, which is why you should check the document properly before signing anything. Here are a few tips that handwriting experts do when they check forged documents:

  • The signature and whether it is accurate. For instance, if someone else has written the signature, the chances are high that you will end up with fake or invalid ones. You can also find a handwriting expert to ensure the best course of action.
  • The date should match with other documents based on your loved one’s life. If that is not the case, we are talking about a red flag you should be concerned about.
  • Finally, you should check out whether the content within a document matches the information you know about them. Check out whether they succeeded in translating personality into work choices. If something feels off, the chances are high that someone else has written content, which is vital to remember. From an outside perspective, it may be challenging to analyze everything, but as a relative or partner, you can compare the true nature and distinction with the fake option.
  • If the making was without witnesses, the chances are high that you will end up with a lousy document.

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Find the Best Handwriting Experts

We can differentiate a few ways to ensure you can determine whether the document is fake or not. The crucial step is finding the best handwriting expert and witness to testify and provide you with relevant information. The expert witness can be an attorney with a handwritten analysis from a professional or someone with expertise in the field.

The main idea is to determine whether handwriting is genuine because each one is specific, and it is almost impossible to forge it. If the testament didn’t have witnesses, you could get a document for both parties to sign and compare. Small details such as spacing between words or letters indicate that someone has added the signature afterward.

Penalties for Forging a Will

You should know that forging can come with severe consequences, even if you do it with proper intentions. For instance, forged wills can lead to serious criminal charges, including imprisonment in case of conviction. If someone accuses you of forging a document, you should talk with a lawyer as soon as possible to learn about your rights properly.

It is vital to remember that penalties for forging are severe, meaning you will end up with felony charges as soon as you decide to sign the name of another person by yourself. At the same time, if the court convicts you, the next step is to spend at least four years in state prison and pay financial losses to the victim.

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Final Word

As you can see from everything mentioned above, forged wills are significant problems because they can lead to uncertainty and confusion on who will inherit a particular wealth. At the same time, the testator must state the wishes, and the court or mediator should distribute wealth accordingly.

In case you suspect someone, it is vital to determine the best course of action. One of the ways if fining a handwriting expert who can compare past documents with the latest one and make a professional assessment.

Someone who decides to use a fake signature is not your friend because you may end up losing inheritance from your loved ones. The easiest way to protect yourself is to find an attorney to help you with the process. It is as simple as that.